Wednesday, 25 August 2010

My Treasures

This is an almost  Wordless Wednesday as I want to get on with some sewing this afternoon and this morning am going to a coffee meeting with some friends. So ... here are some of my treasures:

Stunning Tea Set By Philomena Pretsell

This wonderful set was a Christmas present several years ago ... it is beautifully made and gilded in gold and is such a delight to just gaze at ... far too good to use. It was made by the potter Philomena Pretsell.

Cute Little Cup And Saucer
Stunning Detail On The Spoon
Alice In Wonderland Teapot
Sony Vaio

My beautiful   pink, pink, pink,   Sony Vaio. The place where I spend far too much of my time!

Unusual Juice Glasses

These pretty glasses are hand made by  Flamedaisy  ... and are so unusual. We use them as juice glasses although I am really worried that they will be broken as they are quite irreplaceable.

Another Flamedaisy Treasure
My Favourite Slippers
Hand Made Jug

I particularly love this little jug. It looks so pretty when full of daffodils - the colours stand out so perfectly. I found this little jug in a charity shop - how could someone abandon such a lovely little work of art such as this?

Elephant Earrings

And these ... my very best and special hand made earrings bought by Mr Whizz Kid as a gift for me on our first holiday together ever ... little did he know that the elephant would be a little clue to the size I might later become ... he, he.

Some Pretty Quilts

And of course, last but not least, some of my pretty quilts.


  1. Ohhhhhhhh lovely jubbly especially the alice in wonderland tea set, where did you buy your beaded slippers did you see the ones I made on my blog ?

  2. I love the quilts, and those blue glasses are fantastic. The tea-set is something else, absolutely crazy fun!

  3. Treasures do not have to be valuable ... and of course family is the best treasure ... but do not want to get personal!

  4. I love your 'stuff'! I especially love pottery and glass I went with my daughter last week to take her twins to their pottery class...they erally enjoy it. I hope you enjoyed your coffee break with friends.

  5. Thanks Lindsey, yes I love pottery and glass too - but really just anything original and hand made. The world is so full of things that I just do not want to own! Pottery classes - that sounds like fun (and very messy)!

  6. Oh my goodness, I cannot imagine the mayhem of pottery with my 3 year old twins - just the thought gives me palpitations!!


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