Friday, 6 August 2010

Wedding Wishes

Happiness Tree
A Wishing Tree

My Lovely Niece Is Getting Married

It has made me aware of just how expensive and important a wedding can be and just how much effort can be made to make it a really special and magical event. I went to a wonderful wedding recently and was amazed by all the beautiful home-made items that there were that made it such an unusual and extraordinary occasion . One thing that particularly caught my eye was a 'wishing tree'. I had never come across such a thing before and thought it a truly original and charming idea. Apparently it originated in China and has now become a part of the general wedding planning ethos in the West.

In England at the Glastonbury Music Festival it has also become part of the event and there are some beautiful photos around associated with their imaginative 'wishing trees'. Yoko Ono recently exhibited her own version of the tree in New York ... really stunning pics but hardly her own original idea!

New Zealand  Wishing Tree
Chinese Wishing Tree
New York Wishing Tree

The simple idea is to find some pretty tags and a few twigs, or a tree! and a pen and let the guests 'wish away'! The end results are then saved and put into a scrap book and it seems so much more original than a traditional guest book. What a wonderful idea.

Glastonbury Wishing Tree

I do hope that my lovely niece will adopt this beautiful practice!


  1. Hiya Ann,

    I'm absolutely loving your blog, you have some lovely things on here. I really love the idea of the Wishing tree, such a different way of guests giving their best wishes. I think Rob will love it too. I wonder where we could get one from or whether it's best to get the florist to do it. I will keep you posted as to if I find anything. Lots of love x

  2. Hi Philippa, so glad you like the idea - it can be so beautiful. I think I might know someone (a florist friend who is so modern) ... will keep you posted. Annabelle


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