Thursday, 19 August 2010

On My Way To Dinner

There are many beautiful and interesting buildings in Nice. Many were built by the Russians at the end of the 1800s to house their many wealthy families who liked to winter on the Riviera. There is a magnificent Russian Orthodox Cathedral and lots of other amazingly beautiful buildings with typical Russian style architecture. The loveliest in my opinion is The Cathedral of St Nicolas and was built by Tsar Nicolas Second between 1903 and 1912. It is my favourite building in the world (maybe just equal to Barcelona's Gaudi masterpiece The Sagrada Familia).

St Nicolas Russian Orthodox Cathedral

The six magnificent domes are all in stunning mosaics and beautifully gilded. Inside there are no seats - the congregation has to stand for the whole service, which can last for up to four hours!!!

Stunning Entrance

It is such a unusual sight in the centre of France to find such beautiful Russian architecture. Do you like it too?
Here are a few other great buildings in the local area that I passed on my way to dinner:

Typical Apartment Block
Typical Apartment Block
Notre Dame Nice (With Works In Progress)
Massena Square Nicoise Style Buildings

Now for dinner in Massena Square:

Provence Olives
Prawns, Crisp Vegetables, Noodle Salad
A Little Wine And Water
The View Towards The City

Dinner for one was rather boring, although the sun was shining I was alone, no one to chat to, and longing to be back with my family in London! Luckily, tomorrow I am going home.


  1. You have a great time in Nice. so I se..
    May a ask you something, How do you get out the gadgets at the comment, where you can click also on to facebook and twitter. Do you now what I mean?
    Greatings Tiny

  2. Hi Tiny, No do not understand your question! Sorry. Have a nice day.

  3. You have a lovely blog. I've enjoyed my first visit here this morning.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  4. Sherry hello! Thank you so much for your kind words. Do keep coming back.

  5. The onion domes of Russian Orthodox churches crop up in unexpected places! Your meal looks delicious....

  6. Hi Margaret ... thanks for visiting my blog. The domes are just all over Nice, the most famous (after the Cathedral) is on The Negresco, a famous hotel - we have a place a stones throw from there and the dome is my marker when driving along the promenade (ie get the key ready and prepare for a glass of wine!)


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