Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Shoes And Handbag By Katie Gold

Today I was thinking about shoes. I find shoes pretty boring. They are always matched (why is this necessary?), of course they need to be the same size and the same shape by why not a bit more exciting? (Same goes for socks - I fancy a pink and a lime green pair!). Camper did bring out a range of mismatched shoes called 'Twins' some time back but they were not significantly different - just slightly different.

Twins By Camper

I want some more exciting choice. How about these?

Shoes And Handbag by Katie Gold

I found these wonderful items recently while on holiday. They were made by the ceramicist Katie Gold who can be found in Upper Moutere, South Island, New Zealand. Wonderful, beautiful things ... wouldn't you just love to wear them? Do look at her other lovely work.

Isn't it all gorgeous?

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