Sunday, 22 August 2010

Hampton Court Palace

The beautiful Hampton Court Palace is just along the road from my home (walking distance). It was built in the 11th Century, modernised by Cardinal Wolsey in the late 1400s and then lost to Henry VIII in 1528, by way of political machinations. It is a stunning building alongside the Thames just a short distance from the City Of London. These few photos were taken on a bicycle ride along the tow path today. Unfortunately it is a very dull and overcast day ...

View Through The Gilded Railings
View Of Main Entrance
Proximity To The River Thames
Landing Strip For Boats To Central London
View Towards The City Of London

The Hampton Court Palace is open daily and draws visitors from all over the world. It also hosts many special events and is well used by local people who walk and cycle in the beautiful gardens, play in the maze, and attend the flower shows, concerts and plays within its grounds. The house is also open to the public and there is a lovely little shop and an excellent cafe and tea-rooms.


  1. Wow, it must be lovely to live so close to a place like that!

  2. Thanks kt for visiting my site. Yes ... but the tourists??

  3. I dont think I have been here but my son has and he says its great...thanks for sharing the photo's. I also like your post about Monmouth coffee, our family are big fns of Monmouth and one of our sons is friends with the owners! We like Borough Market too..have you been there? Check out my post

  4. Sorry I just realised you did go to Borough....I thought it was the Monmouth in Covent Garden


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