Wednesday, 18 August 2010

On My Way To Lunch

Beautiful Park In Central Nice

This tiny park in the centre of a busy square has a most magnificent bougainvillea growing on a trellis half way  around the central water feature. There are also lots of plane trees, which are extremely common in France's many parks and gardens. The parks in each of the squares are a wonderful sight to see right in the middle of a busy city and are always full of old people chatting and reading books. In a city full of apartment dwellers and with very few gardens the parks are an important part of the community life and are always full of people even in poor weather.

Central Water Feature

Further along the street are some productive vines. I am always amazed at where you see grapes growing in France - even the tiniest garden has its vine. This one is in the smallest garden of a block of apartments right next to a very busy road ... yet it is flourishing.

Grapes Growing Nearby
Perfect Lunch
Rose Wine

Good Coffee

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