Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Marmite - Love It Or Hate It

Marmite is basically a by product of the brewing industry. Little has changed in its production method since it was 'invented' or 'found' to be  tasty in the 1900s.

Vitamins, spices, and vegetables are added to the yeast paste in a secret recipe and it is then bottled and sold. It is rich in vitamin B, and furthermore it is delicious on toast ... you either love it or hate it!

I also like these ...  Yummy!

And now for some Marmite coloured fabric ...

Marmite Coloured Fabric

Now what actually got me to thinking about Marmite was this beautiful fabric I found today. It is called 'Native Arts' and the designer is Robert Kaufman. I just love all the swirls and colours, which reminded me of the colours of  my Marmite on toast. I feel a quilt coming on ...

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