Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Matryoshka Doll

 Frau Ginny Gunn 
Going To A Wedding

Recently I came across some really beautiful Russian dolls called Matryoshka. They were originally made in wood - nesting dolls - but more recently have been made in fabric and sold as souvenirs throughout Russia.
I had an hour to spare yesterday and tried one of my own as a little gift ... she is around six inches tall and looks to me like she is celebrating something, or maybe going to a wedding. She is made mostly in a pretty Laura Gunn fabric hence her name, and a few scraps of Robert Kaufman fabric ... here are the results. As yet she has no face ... I need to buy the appropriate pens to draw it!  I shall post a pic when it is finished. Meanwhile meet Frau Ginny Gunn ...

Front View Minus Face Detail
Back View
I have learned a lot by this little exercise and will be able to improve upon this at my next attempt. Perhaps less visible sewing and more handwork would look better. She also has an odd shaped head - do not know how I managed that ... maybe need a pattern!  I also think that a smaller print would be more appropriate. I am also wondering just what I can do to make it stand up better (it is stuffed with Kapok and propped up in the pic). What do you think? Comments would be most welcome.

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