Friday, 13 August 2010

Matryoshka Doll

May I introduce the last of my girls ...

Miss Betsy Breeze

Miss Betsy Breeze

The three girls, or babushka, are now off to a birthday party ... they are a gift for a lovely little girl that I know. I do hope she will like them!

Betsy Breeze, Ginny Gunn, Sophie Sevenberry

The making of these dolls is quite satisfying but has limited appeal unless you have lots of little girls to cater for! Betsy Breeze is made mostly in the new Breeze range stocked in my local craft shop (Creative Quilting in Hampton Court, Surrey). It has a wealth of fabrics and notions and is a dangerous place to visit ... especially if you have a purse with you! I think Betsy's head is a little large for her body, as unfortunately I am having difficulty getting the proportions right. I still need to perfect a pattern for these dolls - does anyone out there in the blogging world know of one?

Anyway, I really think I have had enough of fiddly dolls for the moment. I really must get down to some serious ironing! At present I am spending approximately an hour a day crafting, an hour a day cooking, an hour a day shopping, an hour a day blogging, an hour a day sourcing materials ... and almost no time at all on looking after my home or family - poor neglected things! There are just not enough hours in the day.

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