Thursday, 12 August 2010

Craft Corner

My Tiny Craft Corner

I thought I would like to show you my tiny craft corner. It is a small corner of a bedroom, which is nice and light and airy but has not much space for cutting or organizing my stash. You may notice a lot of pink and lime green going on there - my favourite colours of the moment! The view from the window is mostly tree tops, although surprisingly we are in a built up urban area of South London/Surrey borders.

View From Bedroom Window

 The stash and finished works are in a cupboard elsewhere in the house and the cutting out and photography are done on the black marble top of my kitchen table. It is generally very chaotic but I have tidied it up for the pics. Latest items made sit on the desk until new ones replace them ... then they go into the cupboard!

My Messy Craft Corner


  1. Hi Annabelle, you have a great sewing room with a beautiful view from the window.
    Greetings Tiny


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