Friday, 27 August 2010

Giveaway Giveaway Giveaway Giveaway

Searching the sites for an interesting    Giveaway    I realized just how exciting they could be, and how they bring new friends together (I love looking up the comments and checking back to see the sites of whoever made them, don't you?).  So ... I decided to have one of my own ... But what to giveaway? And how? And this is what I have decided ...

I would like to  giveaway  the lovely book:

Lesley Stanfield - 100 Flowers To Knit And Crochet

Lovely Prize Book To Inspire You To Knit And Crochet

It is an utterly charming book and  full of quick and easy crochet and knitted flowers ... with lots of projects suitable for all levels. I will also include a little extra craft related  'surprise'  from London for the winner!

And this is what you must do for a chance to win it ... each of the following gives you a chance (ie. you could have  five chances  to win ... PLEASE ... post a separate comment for each of the following - one to cover the lot will not do as each number will individually 'go into the hat' ... or ... 'the random number generator'.    SO DO ONE OR ALL OF THE FOLLOWING   ...

1. Post me a comment here and tell me what you will do with the pretty flowers once they are made.

2. Sign up as a follower.

3. Blog about the competition on your site and post a link to my site, and let me know that you have done so.

4.  Tell me which of my postings is the most interesting and why, (this will help me  with my new site as I will get to know what really interests people from the crafting community).

5. Tell me about your favourite blog and why I should want to follow it.

Be sure and leave me an email address to contact you if you are the lucky winner.
Competition closes at midnight (UK time) Monday September 6th 2010.


In A Puddle At Petersham Nurseries

Today was wet, wet, wet. We decided to visit Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, South London ... (it's warm ... and it's mostly inside, isn't it?). No. No. No!!

It's Dry Inside!
It's Wet Outside!
Me In My Silly Sandals!
Luckily The Plants Were Beautiful
They Even Looked Good In The Rain
Though We Soon Scurried Out Of The Rain
Into The Greenhouses
Shall We Have A Coffee?
Yes Please!
And Some Cake?
Definitely! ... Chocolate Rum And Nut Torte ... Skye Gyngell Is A Food Wizard!
Lots Of Goodies In The Shop
Trendy Stock
Even More Trendy Stock
Out Again Into The Rain
Say Goodbye To The Cows In The Field Outside

Petersham Nurseries is really a delightful place to visit. It has a wonderful array of plants and gardening equipment ... and best of all a cafe and tea house with sumptuous cakes and pastries ... and a wonderful restaurant too. The restaurant is so busy at lunchtime that it must be booked at least a month in advance, but is said to be one of the best places to eat in this area of South London, and the chef (Skye Gyngell), is praised by all and sundry. Do pay a visit if you are in the area. Take your wellies with you!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

100 Flowers To Knit And Crochet

Earlier this year I was in Hong Kong at the Airport  ***  with my family when we were approached by a lady who asked "Can you crochet?" ... you may think this a strange introduction ... (I certainly did ... Did we look like the kind of people who sat and crocheted all day?). ... Anyway ... yes we did ... badly, but nevertheless we did!  She wanted to know just  'how to'  as she had just bought a lovely book and some hooks and wanted to try it right away ... we had a bit of a wait for a flight back to London so the lesson duly went ahead.

The lovely book that she had bought was by Lesley Stanfield and was called "100 Flowers To Knit And Crochet". It certainly was beautiful and made me want to crochet too ... though perhaps not then and there!

A Beautiful Book

Since returning to England I have bought three copies of this book already, and now have none myself as I have given them all away to friends to encourage them to have a go. I did, however, manage to make several of the crochet flowers and some of the knitted ones, which I have attached to knitted presents and parcels for others. I have also had a few sent to me and attached to my own birthday presents this year ... they are just so very pretty.

 So Pretty
Pretty In Pink

I also have since tried some knitting. This was my first attempt at knitting and crochet for several years and without a pattern I managed to make two hats and a pair of socks (my first ever - on two needles - now I will try some on four needles as with a seam these were only fit for bed socks!).  It was such fun ... I think you should buy the book and give it a try. I am ordering another copy for myself today!

First Feeble Attempt At No Pattern Knitting And Crochet

Now for some really professional ones ... by Suili over at Apartment Therapy ...

Bouquet By Suili
They are just so     yummy!

*** I also want to mention that the seats that we were sitting on at the Airport were covered in a beautiful textile designed by my clever daughter-in-law!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

My Treasures

This is an almost  Wordless Wednesday as I want to get on with some sewing this afternoon and this morning am going to a coffee meeting with some friends. So ... here are some of my treasures:

Stunning Tea Set By Philomena Pretsell

This wonderful set was a Christmas present several years ago ... it is beautifully made and gilded in gold and is such a delight to just gaze at ... far too good to use. It was made by the potter Philomena Pretsell.

Cute Little Cup And Saucer
Stunning Detail On The Spoon
Alice In Wonderland Teapot
Sony Vaio

My beautiful   pink, pink, pink,   Sony Vaio. The place where I spend far too much of my time!

Unusual Juice Glasses

These pretty glasses are hand made by  Flamedaisy  ... and are so unusual. We use them as juice glasses although I am really worried that they will be broken as they are quite irreplaceable.

Another Flamedaisy Treasure
My Favourite Slippers
Hand Made Jug

I particularly love this little jug. It looks so pretty when full of daffodils - the colours stand out so perfectly. I found this little jug in a charity shop - how could someone abandon such a lovely little work of art such as this?

Elephant Earrings

And these ... my very best and special hand made earrings bought by Mr Whizz Kid as a gift for me on our first holiday together ever ... little did he know that the elephant would be a little clue to the size I might later become ... he, he.

Some Pretty Quilts

And of course, last but not least, some of my pretty quilts.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Trip To Twickenham

Come with me for a coffee ... shall we go to Twickenham?

Do come with me on a  trip to Twickenham, a short boat ride from central London and home of professional rugby in England. I live about ten minutes drive from this quaint town ... the drive taking me past the historic Hampton Court Palace and through Bushey Park where Henry VIII hunted in the 1500s. The park is full of deer and is a charming drive so close to the city. Twickenham itself is so worth visiting and at this time of the year so full of flowers.

Twickenham  On The River Thames
Church Street
The cobbled Church Street runs from the High Street through some charming little shops, cafes and pubs and a wonderful bookshop and down to the River Thames and the magnificent York House with its magical gardens.

The street closes to traffic and becomes pavement cafes at the weekends during the summer and is also home to a farmer's market and art stalls during most weekends.

Pretty Individual Shops
Pretty Gift Shop
Not only are the shops pretty outside, they have wonderful displays inside too!

A Touch Of Nostalgia
More Nostalgia
And Even More Nostalgia!
Avoca Thigh Socks
I fell in love with these Avoca thigh socks, which seemed a reasonable price at £12.50. The colour suited me beautifully - the silver being the same colour as my hair!

Lovely Hand Made Cushions
Charming Bags By Poppy Treffry

 I really loved these bags ... especially the green one but felt they were too expensive at almost £60.

Lots Of Pretty Backstreets
Church Of  St. Mary The Virgin
Mary Wallace Theatre
Yes ! ...The tiniest theatre dedicated to Shakespearean works. It sits in a cobbled lane beside the River Thames and seats a total of only ninety-six people!!!


The Eel Pie Pub
 And here we are back to the Thames walkway and the High Street ... by way of a pub or two!

Thames Towpath
Now for that coffee!