Monday, 16 August 2010

Nice Food

Nice is all about food!
But first a few flowers at the entrance to the food market.

Flower Market
Help Yourself
The Hugest Tomatoes
Largest Choice Of Olives
Garlic Anyone?
Too Many Cheese!
All Sorts Of Everything


  1. That is lots of food. The colours loke beautiful, but for my to mutch of all. So many cheese you don't no wath to take.
    Have a nice time Tiny

  2. Hi Tiny, not having a great time at all - a leak in our apartment - on an emergency visit only - want to go home to my sewing machine and kitchen.

  3. Great photo's! My husband would flip over all that cheese.

  4. Thanks Lisa, love to see a pic of you - surely you do not look anything like that!


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