Wednesday, 30 November 2011



The weather here in London has been wet and dismal all day ... but lucky me ... tomorrow I am off to the south of France (Nice on the Riviera) for a few days sun and pampering. This will be my first trip away from home (and hospital) in well over a year. I do hope that I am up to it. I aim to eat a lot, drink a lot, spend lots of money, soak up the sun, and take masses of photos. See you all again soon.

Today was wet

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Sandown Craft Fair

Wonderful woodwork

Today I visited a Christmas Craft Fair at Sandown Park in Surrey. I loved the woodwork from LHS Flack of Sticks and Stones - unfortunately they have no website! Apparently this is work in progress. A friend bought a charming cheese board here along with a lovely cheese knife shaped like a mouse.

Present for a friend ... ssshhhsss
Present for another friend ... ssshhhsss
For the same friend ... isn't it cute! Ssshhhss!
A special bag
From a special company
For a very lucky girl! It sparkles!

Bags of bags
Posh stuff
Beautiful clothing
Ready for bed!
Adorable antinque china from Tara Honeywill
Harris Tweed for 21st century from Highland Fling Designs

Lots of lovely goodies for Christmas ... overall a very enjoyable day!

Quilt As You Go

Cot Quilt

I so love it when the winter evenings draw in and I get to spend more time with my sewing machine. No one expects me to go out in the cold and do some gardening or go for a walk!

Last night I rustled up a cot quilt for a new baby boy. I did it in the quickest fashion I know ... a quilt as you go ... it turned out rather well.

Finished quilt 30 inch x 40 inch
Closer look
Another closer look
The back
Petrol blue binding
Added detail

I do not like traditional pinks and blues and lemons for babies so choose something less childish - I think the reds and browns with a touch of petrol blue worked rather well and the cream background made the colours more muted. All the fabrics came from the Sevenberry range. I also had the pleasure of hand sewing the binding to the back while watching a taped episode of The Killing - very scary indeed!

And yes ... it really is 6am on Tuesday morning ... we get up really early in my house as everyone leaves between 7am and 8am. Now to make some morning tea ...

Monday, 28 November 2011

Little House Pincushion

Prototype Little House Pincushion

Little felt door with green bead wreath
Beaded window frame
Beaded felt flower and window
Beaded and embroidered felt flowers
Pincushion roof
Needlecase under wonky roof

A not entirely successful pincushion. I found it very difficult to work with such tiny pieces because my hands are still not healed. I also realized that the fabric should have had a fusable lining to give it some body. Look out for my next attempt!

Ta Dah!
Finished Scarves

Scarves for friends

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Be Kind

A Cautionary Tale

A friend was walking on wet leaves yesterday and slipped - luckily recovering her balance. She saw an old lady walking unsteadily towards her and said "Do be careful, it is very slippery here". The old lady looked her in the eye and said "Mind your own f*****g business".

Shocked, she carried on around the corner only to discover an elderly lady struggling to put a wheelchair into the boot of her car ... "Can I help you", she asked. The frosty reply was "I do this all the time and definitely don't need your help!"

These unkind remarks would have reduced me to tears ... people have no idea just what personal situations you could be going through. Please be kind!

A moto to live by

Friday, 25 November 2011

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Knitting Frenzy

A Very Slow Knitter

One full scarf and one half scarf unfinished

Yesterday a friend admitted that a scarf she was knitting was still only one inch long after a whole year - today I have finished it for her and only now need to add a fringe (the lilac one).

Sirdar Crofter DK - 038
Lovely 'fairisle' style wool

A second scarf was completed in less than a day with Sirdar Crofter DK and a simple garter stitch on size 6 needles. Both need some adornment, which I am still working at ... maybe the crocheted flowers?

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Richmond Upon Thames

A Day Out In Richmond

Riverside scenes

Today I had a lovely day out in Richmond upon Thames with a friend. This is a beautiful old fashioned town just ten miles from central London and surrounded by all the beauties of the River Thames and Richmond Park. The cobbled streets that wend down from the High Street to the Richmond Green are full of individual charming shops. Most are very tiny indeed and are extremely old fashioned and are oozing with character. Here are some of the scenes of my day  ...

Colourful boutiques

Super gift shops

Interesting jewellers

Fascinating shop windows
Characterful streets
Yummy chocolate shop
Richmond Green

Pub in Water Lane
Splash Image
Tiny deli

Bar at Cote

We had a lovely lunch in Cote Brasserie on Hill Street ...

Chicken parfait
Chicken, watercress and creamed spinach

Richmond Bridge over the Thames at sunrise Stock Photo - 9367757
Richmond bridge

Loved this shop!

Richmond theatre
Richmond resident