Monday, 14 November 2011

Christmas Stockings Disaster

Christmas Stockings

Just how hard can it be?

I cut a template ...

Template cut from card

Looks slightly odd because of the angle I photographed it!   It seemed HUGE. I allowed a good inch all around additionally for hems ....

I then crazy quilted lots of off cuts onto a wadding and backing fabric one metre square and then cut some shapes using the template (foolishly forgot to turn for front and back and ended up with far too many 'fronts' and not enough 'backs')!   This is what they looked like at this point ...

Patched and quilted

At this point the pieces still looked HUGE.

Lots of ribbon and trimming later

For reasons of far too much fabric and wadding they were impossible to shape and ended up looking quite ridiculous. After two hours work I was determined to try and make the best of them.


The back was sadly as bad as the front.

And so on ...

The second was no better!

And so on  ...

And so on ...

Until three badly shaped stockings!

The back just as bad!!!

I have decided to fit the 'loops' and fill them with sweets and The Little Fairy People will probably not even notice how weird they are. Tomorrow I shall buy some more appropriate fabric and try again!

Tips badly needed from all you professionals out there.


  1. You don't see many people with Clubb Foot these days xxx
    Small folk will definitely not notice!

  2. Ha Ha Ha !!!
    I now know that two thicknesses of top fabric, two layers of wadding and two thicknesses of lining plus additional ribbons and trims were never going into a french seam - DOH !!!
    Annabelle x

  3. Haha yes that would have been some French seam! But they look colourful and little people wont even notice the shape. My daughter has asked for a patchwork stocking for our little grandson who has been born since last Christmas....I better get going!

  4. Im not really sure what to write! much as i want to reassure, i think youmight suss it as patronising, LOL. as Hadley says, Little people will love them, but dont look at my post on my blog as there is an 11 year old waiting to depress you!

  5. Benta - I looked at the 11 year old's efforts and hung my head in shame!!! Annabelle xx


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