Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Sandown Craft Fair

Wonderful woodwork

Today I visited a Christmas Craft Fair at Sandown Park in Surrey. I loved the woodwork from LHS Flack of Sticks and Stones - unfortunately they have no website! Apparently this is work in progress. A friend bought a charming cheese board here along with a lovely cheese knife shaped like a mouse.

Present for a friend ... ssshhhsss
Present for another friend ... ssshhhsss
For the same friend ... isn't it cute! Ssshhhss!
A special bag
From a special company
For a very lucky girl! It sparkles!

Bags of bags
Posh stuff
Beautiful clothing
Ready for bed!
Adorable antinque china from Tara Honeywill
Harris Tweed for 21st century from Highland Fling Designs

Lots of lovely goodies for Christmas ... overall a very enjoyable day!


  1. Looks like fun, especially that chap in the wrap!!

  2. Oh my, You don't half go to some interesting places. I might just proclaim that you are me best friend, you buy such lovely presents! ha ha ha. Sounds like you're enjoying yourself... good wishes

  3. That looks like a fab shopping spree! I didn't know they did that. They do hav be at Windsor racecourse, but I've never managed to get there.


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