Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hasty, Tasty Vegetable Pie

Lunch In Thirty Minutes

Root Vegetable Pie

This morning we awoke in London to drizzle and grey skies. The trees have shed their leaves and the air has turned cold and crisp ... winter is definately on its way.

Pap's Leaves

Today I have a vegetarian coming for lunch and with just thirty minutes warning I managed to put together a winter vegetable pie. With just a few carrots, a leek, a parsnip, a red onion, a white onion and a stock cube and a few cauliflower florets a very tasty pie later went down well with a glass of red wine.

Found in the fridge

I always keep some instant pastry in the fridge too so it took no big effort to cook all the vegetables quickly in the microwave immersed in the vegetable stock while rolling the pastry and preparing the tin.

Thirty Minutes In The Oven

red wine and wine bottle Stock Photo - 1207689
Glass of Merlot

Tasted very good!

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  1. Well done you - any unexpected guests here would have had to settle for yoghurt!


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