Sunday, 13 November 2011


The Art of Choosing: Color Basics by jenib320

I Love Colour


I am pretty bad in choosing and matching colours and fabrics. A friend suggested I use a colour wheel and I must say that my results do seem to have improved a little and do not jar the eye quite so much. I love zingy colours and this makes my choices not to everyone's taste, hopefully now things will improve! Here are some of the colourful things that have caught my eye today:-

Pink Patchwork Car Cover for a SMART FOUR TWO car made with with fabrics donated by Celebrities

This freaky car cover for sale on Etsy  ... all the fabrics have been donated by celebrities and the proceeds to go to Breast Awareness Charity.


This amazing Kitchen Aid to cheer up any kitchen. I want one, I want one!

     Lovely green kale in the garden.

 blue-sky     Perfect blue sky today.

My red roses

Hand made tiles from Le Terre Colourate on Etsy.

Heather Bailey's zingy Pink Peony fabric.

Now that's enough colour for one day ... now to  get back to making my Christmas stockings!


  1. I have also trubbels with colors and the colerwheel make it a little easier. Great picture of the car. Higs Tiny

  2. Golly, not going with dull or subtle then!! Isn't The smart cover great, did it sell in the end?

  3. Oh I need that car, or I'll settle for the mixer - luscious!


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