Monday, 28 November 2011

Little House Pincushion

Prototype Little House Pincushion

Little felt door with green bead wreath
Beaded window frame
Beaded felt flower and window
Beaded and embroidered felt flowers
Pincushion roof
Needlecase under wonky roof

A not entirely successful pincushion. I found it very difficult to work with such tiny pieces because my hands are still not healed. I also realized that the fabric should have had a fusable lining to give it some body. Look out for my next attempt!

Ta Dah!
Finished Scarves

Scarves for friends


  1. Good effort on the house building! Love the flappy roof!
    Well done on the scarves!

  2. those pincushions are the wierdest thing Iv seen all week,, wierd, but I love them, brilliant!!!from tina rose of sweetypie

  3. The pun cushion is really cute, you are too hard on yourself, the details are great!


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