Saturday, 26 November 2011

Be Kind

A Cautionary Tale

A friend was walking on wet leaves yesterday and slipped - luckily recovering her balance. She saw an old lady walking unsteadily towards her and said "Do be careful, it is very slippery here". The old lady looked her in the eye and said "Mind your own f*****g business".

Shocked, she carried on around the corner only to discover an elderly lady struggling to put a wheelchair into the boot of her car ... "Can I help you", she asked. The frosty reply was "I do this all the time and definitely don't need your help!"

These unkind remarks would have reduced me to tears ... people have no idea just what personal situations you could be going through. Please be kind!

A moto to live by


  1. Some people should just stay at home - how rude! I hope your friend let the wheelchair lady's tires down!

  2. Unbelievable, I hope it hasn't dampened your friend's obviously kind nature. Both should have received at least a thank you, but your friend is a better person than either of the people she met


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