Saturday, 19 November 2011



finding my inner sparkle, as it seems to have dimmed

Yesterday I went to ...

Sparkle! - A Contemporary Craft and Gourmet Food Fair.  

 It was held at The Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington, Middlesex. There were around one hundred exhibitors covering all manner of arts and crafts and gourmet foods. My favourites were generally all to do with fabrics and textiles. I loved the quirky ideas of Sew Sister and the pretty pictures and embroidered items from What Katie Did Next.  Mr Whizz Kid spent his time languishing in the Gourmet Food Section and pronounced Ishmael's Mother Curry Sauces the best. He also liked  all  the chocolates and couldn't resist Vanessa's Kitchen for her huge selection of bottled jams, pickles and chutneys.

Me sparkling!

reflections run deep
Sparkling glassware

non floral
Sparkling artworks

Steven Bindernagel (b.1978, USA)
Sparkling reflections

so many options.
Choice is an interesting thing. RADIOLAB has a great episode all about it
Sparkling ideas
Vanessa's sparkles
Katie's sparkles

And this is  ...  What Katie Did Next!

Do go if you can - it is on all this weekend. 


  1. ooh, that looks great, no chance for this year, but hopefully it will be on again next year


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