Monday, 23 August 2010

Trip To Twickenham

Come with me for a coffee ... shall we go to Twickenham?

Do come with me on a  trip to Twickenham, a short boat ride from central London and home of professional rugby in England. I live about ten minutes drive from this quaint town ... the drive taking me past the historic Hampton Court Palace and through Bushey Park where Henry VIII hunted in the 1500s. The park is full of deer and is a charming drive so close to the city. Twickenham itself is so worth visiting and at this time of the year so full of flowers.

Twickenham  On The River Thames
Church Street
The cobbled Church Street runs from the High Street through some charming little shops, cafes and pubs and a wonderful bookshop and down to the River Thames and the magnificent York House with its magical gardens.

The street closes to traffic and becomes pavement cafes at the weekends during the summer and is also home to a farmer's market and art stalls during most weekends.

Pretty Individual Shops
Pretty Gift Shop
Not only are the shops pretty outside, they have wonderful displays inside too!

A Touch Of Nostalgia
More Nostalgia
And Even More Nostalgia!
Avoca Thigh Socks
I fell in love with these Avoca thigh socks, which seemed a reasonable price at £12.50. The colour suited me beautifully - the silver being the same colour as my hair!

Lovely Hand Made Cushions
Charming Bags By Poppy Treffry

 I really loved these bags ... especially the green one but felt they were too expensive at almost £60.

Lots Of Pretty Backstreets
Church Of  St. Mary The Virgin
Mary Wallace Theatre
Yes ! ...The tiniest theatre dedicated to Shakespearean works. It sits in a cobbled lane beside the River Thames and seats a total of only ninety-six people!!!


The Eel Pie Pub
 And here we are back to the Thames walkway and the High Street ... by way of a pub or two!

Thames Towpath
Now for that coffee!


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog - love your blog background - really sets the scene for your blog. Lynne

  2. Thanks for your kind words Lynne. See you in blogland?

  3. thanks for reading my blog. I'm just off to have a nosey around yours!

  4. Twickenham - that's my patch - and I see that you can't live far from Creative Quilting....what dangerous and wonderful territory! For me it's a bus ride away on the R68 which is just about enough to keep visits there down to a manageable amount.

    Found you blog via your comment on Kandy Newton's blog....welcome to the world of crafting!
    Plum (

  5. What super pictures - I was intrigued by your card making blog - a tutorial would be very welcome!

  6. Hi Quayquilter, thanks for visiting my blog. I tried my hand at tutorials and I was rubbish - though must say card making was the easiest. Will post more pics of the better ones now I have got the hang of it.

  7. So nice you live where you can stroll down such beautiful streets and visit the shops. The area looks beautiful. Thanks for the look see. Sarah

  8. Hi Sarah, come and join us! No need to be anonymous!


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