Saturday, 21 August 2010

Card Making From An Old Book


Blue Tits

Would you like a little peek at how I am getting on with my cards from The Diary Of An Edwardian Lady? I thought I would try first with the pictures that I least liked so that if it didn't work too well then I would not feel that I had ruined the really pretty ones ... the first few were terrible ... getting the stitch length right was important or the card tore very easily. They then got a little better ... see here ... now I think I can get them right and will post with some better pics later.

Book Now Ruined!

First Trials!

Now that I have got the hang of it I think I might be able to make at least fifty or sixty cards from this one charity shop book costing only £1.00. (I already had lots of card and envelopes). The next ones will be prettier I think.


  1. This is a lovely book to use for cards. Denim machine needles go through card well as they are good and pointy!

  2. Oh ... that is a good tip, thanks!

  3. I have just found your LOVELY blog and I love your idea of making cards from the Diary of A Edwaidian Country Lady book. What a bargain. It is such a HUGE coincidence, I bought a copy of the same title myself several months ago for only 2 euros, from a tea little room close to where I live, who were having a second hand book sale. I planned using it for making my cards and altered books but so far I've not plucked up the courage to cut it up yet!!!!! Nornally I don't mind cutting up books from the charity shops or jumble sales. But as this one is is such beautiful condition I'm finding it hard to do !! I'll have to be brave and introduve the book to my paper trimmer !!!!!
    I look forward to reading through your other posts.


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