Thursday, 1 March 2012

David Hockney

David Hockney Exhibition
A Bigger Picture

David Hockney via Yorkshire Post

Living in London has many benefits one of which is the ease with which we can see exhibitions and visit galleries. The David Hockney exhibition at The Royal Academy is one such benefit - it is easy to get to and extremely popular at the moment - and very crowded. If you like trees then this is for you!

The exhibition is running until 9th April and the entrance cost £14.00.
Information can be found here at  The Royal Academy  website.

All the paintings depict the landscape around Hockney's home in Bridlington, Yorkshire and cover works done throughout his lifetime. I am not totally sure that I am a great fan of Hockney but he does seem to capture colours well. Many of the scenes are painted several times at different seasons and this makes for fascinating comparisons. The works are huge possibly as a result of his previous work on stage sets - he sees things on a large scale. Do go and see it for yourself.


  1. We love going to exhibitions. Our two sons live in London and so we go in often. The National Portrait Gallery just bought one of my sons photos for their collection so we will go in and see that soon (proud mama)

  2. Oh my ... this artist is just 'my cup o tea', I love the pictures... imagine them made in fabrics and quilted... lovely

  3. I "accidentally" (it was on when I turned on!!!) saw a programme where Andrew Marr was interviewing him about these pictures ... it was facinating ... I really enjoyed it , lucky you to be able to see these "in the flesh" xx

  4. Oh wow, those look amazing, love the scale and colour

  5. Even though I'm a watercolor kind of girl, I like these. The third and fifth one remind me of a van Gogh. I belive the fifth one is my favorite. Thanks for sharing these Annabelle! xx

  6. I was trying to write something in hos Yorkshire twang, but it looked like I'd gone completely bonkers! Love the scale of the one with all the visitors in front x

  7. These are amazing, when he uses the right colours they could easily be photos, and the 'wrong' colours look like photoshopped photos!!


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