Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Knit And Natter Group

A Little Knitting And A Lot Of Nattering
A Parcel And A Present Or Two


Today we all moved to bigger premises within the John Lewis store as there were so many of us now joining the group we had run out of space. It was nice to be in a bigger area and the coffee and cakes were amazing (and of course I just looked at them!)

Huge socks

These are my finished socks that I promised to show you - fit for a GIANT!  They are HUGE ...  rather like the jumper I once made for Mr Whizz Kid that came almost to his knees and this was no mean feat as he is 6'4" tall!  I do not think I have quite cracked this knitting tension/size thing. They were supposed to be ankle socks for me but come up to my knees (size UK 5.5) and in fact are too big for him too (size UK 10.5). Ah well ...  they will be great as Christmas stockings - and sure will fit a lot of prezzies in!

This is my (as yet unfinished)  tiny toes pram blanket with the pattern stolen from the Amy Butler book.  As you can see I do not do baby colours and I am not too good at colour matching (hence the front door) and so I am not totally enthralled with the colours chosen - at least when they are alongside one another - but the pattern is great! The finished blanket should be somewhere around 24" x 36" (and very garish) but going by my size misjudgement on the socks it may well fit a double bed by the time it is finished.

This amazingly intricate scarf was being knitted alongside me and looked extremely difficult to do. The finished effect reminded me of a feather boa made in beautiful silks. Isn't it wonderful?

This delicate shawl was just finished in a lovely dusky pink. Some lucky lady was about to receive it as a present. The scalloped edge was amazing but sadly the photo did not come out well so cannot show you just how pretty it is.

A lovely 'Grandma' was knitting this top for a lucky grand-daughter (she was a VERY young granny indeed!)  It was in an especially soft beige wool and was going very well indeed.

The 'physio' effect of knitting has been rather good for my damaged nerves in my hands and I do notice some improvement. I also love meeting up with the other ladies and having a good gossip (today was all about yoga and pilates!)

For lunch Mr Whizz Kid and I had a great time at  Carluccio's  - sitting outside in the sun with lunch and a glass of wine (for me), and lunch and a glass of water (for him - he was driving!) This was a special treat prior to my hospital appointments (two days this week). I need the wine to keep me sane!

When we arrived home later in the day there was a lovely surprise for me on the doorstep in the shape of a parcel from  LovePaperFish.

I had fallen in love with this wonderful cocoland cat fabric and ...

A whimsical needle case and lots of pretty buttons. They were so lovely and so appreciated.


More New Fabric And Pretty Gift

I forgot to mention in my last post about a pretty special gift I received for Mother's Day from K. Thank you xx. It was a little bundle of fat quarters of the lovely fabrics from  SewSister  ... I now have about twenty fat quarters of these wonderful Japanese prints and really must do something very special with them.

I also received a very simple and clever picture from a friend G. Thank you xx.  Only you would be clever enough to realize that these lovely fabrics would look so good in a pale wood frame on the wall!

Sunny day reflections still did not spoil this clever idea!
This will go in my sewing room.

Note to myself:   photos do not turn out well when taken in a sunny conservatory!



  1. The baby blanket is looking good! Love the colours. I have fabric envy again. Must get on with some sewing and less browsing.

  2. this brings back memories I used the patten you are using for the blanket on MANY cardigans for my daughter... it was one of my favorites.... some lovely work going on xx

  3. I like the bright colours of the blanket, my son had a dark blue tartan blanket, he stood out from the crowd! I think I might have to check out Love paper fish, (rather than looking for storage cabinets.)

  4. Lots of lovely fabric there, and I think the enormous socks are wonderful!

  5. Lovely knitting items. My project for my husband which was many years ago, turned out too was a fairisle jumper and I couldn't wait to get it finished!

  6. Of course you just admired those cakes... ;o) Maybe the socks were knitted in anticipation of eating too many...

  7. Very pretty knitting. It sounds like you had a lovely day. :-)

  8. Yummy fabrics, and the framed fabric is a great idea. I love that your knit and natter group actually knit - I joined my monthly group on Tuesday, and no oe even had wool!!

    I love the socks. When I was a kid, my grandma in Norway had a basket of big socks by the front door - it was a draughty house, and she new people got cold feet! Just grey with a coloured row at the top (to keep them in pairs I guess). I still have a pair she made me - more darned than original knitting, but still used regularly!!


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