Saturday, 10 March 2012

Teddington Contemporary Textiles Fair

Lovely Evening Out

A long post
A cup of tea is necessary before you start this post!

The Teddington Contemporary Textiles Fair is a great experience, and one I so look forward to each year. It is held in a superb listed building, The Landmark  Arts Centre in Teddington, Middlesex - a stunning property which was formerly a church. This part of the lovely village of Teddington runs alongside the River Thames where there are beautiful parks and riverside walks. Teddington itself has some charming shops and restaurants and is a great place to be.

We arrived very early as it is the only way to get some good photos before the crowds arrive. We left after an hour when the crowds built up and it was impossible to get pics without people in them. Sadly I did not get a note of each and every contributor - there were almost eighty exhibitors but more information can be found on the  Landmark Arts Centre  website.

The charming lady who took our entrance money had some stunning hand-made silver jewellery on. Apparently she will be selling these and similar items at the next Landmark Craft Fair. Her name was Esther Holt and she is a jewellery designer, sadly with no website.

An embroidery collaboration between Janome and an art student Jillian Hurst
produced some silvery and sparkling homewares beautifully embroidered.
Jillian's website is

Stunning silk scarves
Whimsical mixed media from Kimberley Cline Foster
This beautiful patchwork all hand dyed silk and velvet really popped out at me
produced by Lin Patterson Textiles

The textiles on display were varied - clothing, accessories, art, jewellery, handbags, recycled and reclaimed fabrics and clothing, knitwear, woven and embroidered gifts and household items, paintings and much, much more.

This year a special wallhanging was created by the students of Waldegrave School, Teddington - a beautiful work of art by children taking 'Textiles' for their GCSE. It had lots of interesting detail and was really well executed.

Another beautiful work that I adored was 'Hollyhocks' by Liz Emery a felt artist. (Of course it was PINK!) It just jumped out at me and said 'BUY ME!) Sadly it was too expensive so I shall just have to wait until Mr Whizz Kid buys his second motorbike!

'Hollyhocks' by Liz Emery

'Hollyhocks' - the very best in show!

'Wallflowers' by Liz Emery

Sara Newman - bad pic - sorry

Jo Mabbut exquisite embroidery

The handbags by Jo Mabbut, a mixed media artist were a joy to see and the embroidery of Sara Newman was excellent and imaginative. I also loved some of the work of Sinead Finnegan - very clever stuff indeed.

Sinead Finnegan
Ewa Morawski displayed some beautiful silk works stunningly embroidered
She sells her brooches and silk scarfes at Gallerie in Hampton Court

Jo Mabutts beautiful bags shimmering with gold

Clive Grabham handwoven scarves and blankets
He also produced quirky and original rag rug pictures and cushions
Some REAL knitting
Some super embroidery
Sew Sister is one of my favourite exhibitors
A lovely artist who produces quirky goods and lovely textiles
I bought this lovely bundle of fat quarters from her

I already had lots of this fabric given as a gift at Christmas so perhaps I can now get down to making the patchwork cover for the Olympic Dome that I talked about!

Original 3D  pictures by Becky Shaylor

Becky Shaylor  produced some original pictures
Flights of Fantasy
Flights of Fantasy
Sara Newmans delicate embroidery
Some weird and wonderful crazy patchwork
More of the lovely work of Liz Emery

Dinner At Whites Brasserie

One of the joys of Teddington is the lovely 'Whites Brasserie' (Raymond Blanc's super chain) and the excellent food they serve. After a bit of shopping at the Fair we headed here for dinner, which was, as usual, very good indeed.

The restaurant is in a former pub (The King's Head), which was built is 1689 but is now much refurbished and is a comfortable place to eat and enjoy the varied and interesting food.

I think my friends and family are getting rather tired of all the 'snapping' which goes along with having a blog and taking too many photos, and today was no exception. I try to be discreet, which is why the photos are not always so good - I do try and hide from everyone just what I am doing as many object - but of course it is quite obvious when sitting around a dining table!

Rubbish pic of starter of poached egg on celeriac salad
Pea and ham hock risotto starter
Half eaten gurnard fish and vegetables main meal
Half eaten black pepper sausages and mustard mash main meal
Apple crumble and ice cream pudding

I think I can take the weekend off after that long post. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.


  1. Wow ... what an nice evening out! 'Hollyhocks' would have caught my eye too. xx

  2. Looked like a lot to take in! Love your Echino shopping xxx

  3. so glad you managed to get some fabric... looks like a super venue ...dinner would have looked good if someone hadnt eaten it xx

  4. Wow looks like a fun day out! I love the hand dyed silk and velvet, amazing colours

  5. Thank you for all the photos - even if the family ont appreciate it, we do!!! What a lovely day out, I'd loveto go next year!

  6. Oh wow, looks like a fab fair! I must stop reading your posts in terms of rowing locations, I saw Teddington and my first thought was 'lock'!

  7. These are great photographs from your trip to Teddington! If you look in this picture gallery the list of exhibitors is included. Regards. Teddington People


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