Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Easy Bunting

Easy Bunting For Golden Jubilee Street Parties

Bunting in my garden

Are you having a street party this year?  Perhaps one for the Golden Jubilee - or maybe one for the Olympics? If so then here is some very easily made double sided bunting, which you can make in an hour or two.

This is double sided, cut with pinking shears, and the size of each pennant is nine inches long by five inches wide at the top. This one is ten metres long but could be any length depending upon available material and ribbon for the binding and ties.

To make bunting you will need strips of fabric only nine inches wide - try to coordinate the colours, I choose the obvious red, white and blue and had four red/white and four blue/white and one plain red and one plain blue. I bought the cheap red ribbon from a cake shop!

If you look at the cutting plan below you will see that each triangle is then cut on the zig zag leaving the remaining zig zag strip for other triangles. Two pieces are then sewn together back to back, and the edges trimmed with pinking shears (can be cut with these anyway).

See the cutting plan here -  I used card from an empty cereal packet as a template  Have fun!



  1. Clever idea. Mine took hours. I will try this method for the next one.

  2. Fun idea. I'm retreating to London for the Jubilee weekend (which sounds like something of a contradiction in terms!) and bunting outside has rather unfortunate conotations round here, so I shall have to find some reason for some mini inside bunting!

  3. I have been seconded to the school bunting makers - I have no idea how many miles they want making yet!

  4. Great idea! I saw a grandchildren version too - take scrappy strips (the ones trimmed off blocks etc) and tie them to a length of ribbon!


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