Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Quilt Blocks

A stash of pretties

Amy Butler Blocks
Riot Of Colour Quilt

 'Soul Blossoms'

Today I finally got round to a bit of serious sewing. It seems ages since I sat at my machine for an afternoon. I am trying to use some of my stash of Amy Butler fabrics and it occured to me that it would be best used by trying to combine all (or some of) the lovely prints I have in a  riot of colour quilt.  I am not terribly good at accurate cutting, and even less good at accurate sewing but have managed to make a few passable blocks with a bit of wizardry. 

I did not try and match the colours but was entirely random with my choice (as you can probably see) as I did not want to make them seem contrived. Overall I am fairly satisfied with the resultant blocks. I am not sure at present how I will arrange them together, or back, or quilt them ... plenty of time for those decisions.

amy butler soul blossoms
A riot of colour?

I settled on fifteen of Amy Butler 'Soul Blossoms' fabrics in the end and cut them all into strips of 2.5 inches by 12 inches.

This is my favourite in this range  (ahh ... pink again!)

I 'pinked' all the edges

 I then sewed the first five strips together
With a little wizardry I ended up with this

And this

And these
And these
And when inaccurately sewn together - with this
And this
And after sewing the next five random strips  together, a pile of these
And some more wizardry and then
And these
And this - even more riot of colour?
And this
And this
And also this one
The third set of five colourways produced this
And these blocks were rather more pleasing to the eye?
I liked this one
And this one was not toooo bad
Sadly this was a very messy fit indeed

Each block consists of thirty two pieces (12" blocks - made up of  four  6" x 6" squares) and was rather fiddly for my hands.  I did take some photos of  some of the backs of the blocks to show that they were as good (probably better) than the fronts. Here are some of them - only one twisted seam in the whole afternoon!  I realize how invaluable the iron is today!

I have now managed a pile of blocks and am very proud of myself as I have not done much fiddly cutting, piecing or sewing recently.  (Today got my first physio appointment for my hands and feet so hopefully you will see some improvements in the near future!)  More on this riot of colour A.B. quilt project later.

Meanwhile I am now off for a cup of tea and a piece of delicious walnut and banana cake made by a friend (Mr Whizz Kid says you can move in anytime as long as you do the cooking!) Thank you J.xx



  1. Oh this is going to be a fantastic quilt! All those wonderful colours and prints, it's going to look so extravagant!

  2. They look great, well done you! It's going to make such a bright and cheery quilt :o)

    Hope all went well with the physio...

  3. Lovely fabric and beautiful work!

  4. Wow! All of your fabric is beautiful ... I'm sure your finished quilt will be beautiful as well. Glad you were able to spend an afternoon sewing. :-)

  5. Love those blocks. Is it called hole in the ground! Or well in the gound? Or something similar? Did you do the horizontal block stitched to the vertical block then X cut method? That has a feeling of magic to me


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