Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Knit And Natter

John Lewis Knitting Group
The King Pins

Snapped at a friend's house (Thank you G. xx)

This artistic lady uses wool as interior design - isn't it lovely?
She crochets the containers too!

Today had a good turn out and in fact the group is so large that from next week there is to be a change of venue - still within John Lewis but a bigger space.

My socks were finished, yet not sadly sewn at the seams - a little job for this evening I fear. I shall post a picture of them tomorrow - hopefully on my toes!

The other ladies had a variety of beautiful things on the go - here are just a few pics - do not want to upset anyone too much with my constant snapping ...

This clever lady uses all the scraps to produce childrens jumpers
This intricate pattern is to be a scarf 'in the round'
Nearly finished - I so love this colour
This scarf had a 'sparkle' which did not show on camera

Thats better! Very lacy and sparkly
A lucky grandchild will get this lovely jumper
More of this beautiful work - nearly finished

A very colourful creation

Still cannot get this to 'sparkle' for the camera
The lovely crystals do however add a super touch

I have now got my wools together for the baby blanket with the design stolen from the Amy Butler book 'Meadows'. If you remember this was the pic I snapped last week from the book with the pattern.

Bad photo of page with pretty picnic rug

And this was the incomplete pattern I tried to snitch (the finger got in the way!) ... luckily I was able to fathom it out with a little help from my friends.

Damn! Tried to get a snap of the four row pattern in pic to copy!
Shall have to buy the book now!

Well with the expertise of the ladies present I managed to work out the pattern and reduce it in size to fit a small blanket for a new baby  -  approximately 24" x 36" was decided as appropriate.

These are the colours I choose and this was my feeble attempt at knitting this morning ...

Amy Butler Belle Organic DK by Rowan
The colours are 'Cilentro', 'Peony', 'Robin's Egg', 'Indigo' and 'Persimmon'

As you can see it was more 'natter' than 'knitting' - well it was in my case anyway!

I also must add that I was one of the few 'good girls' who had obeyed orders and sported a name badge.  I did not want a slap on the wrist with a knitting needle from our Knitting Tsar 'who must be obeyed at all times!'

My name is on the tucked under ribbons!
Do not want the world to know it - do I?


  1. Lovely wool and knitting....very accomplished :)

  2. beautiful projects on the go there x

  3. Looks like you had loads of fun, even if you don't have much of a blanket to cover you yet!

  4. Such a lot of fun!! Beats being at work!

  5. Thankyou for your comment on my blog, love yours too, and i must try to knit more, xx


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