Saturday, 24 March 2012

Sun Dried Tomato Bread

Yet Another Weekend Loaf
And Lots Of Purple Passion

I just wanted to add to my post of yesterday as I had a really good baking morning and did a third loaf. This one was made exactly as yesterdays post but I added half a cup of chopped sundried tomatoes and when I removed the lid sprinkled a handful more on the top of the loaf along with some capers and a few drops of olive oil. I then returned it to the oven for about ten more minutes. It turned out very well indeed so I just wanted to recommend this variation to anyone who enjoyed the blog post yesterday enough to try it themselves.

After thirty minutes I removed the lid and this was the loaf
Add the chopped sun dried tomatoes, some capers and teaspoon of olive oil
Cooked for around ten minutes more
A very successful loaf of sundried tomato bread

I promise that I will not bore you any more with bread making but do try this  Mark Bittman  recipe sometime - I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


Purple Perching Spot

Well you all know by now that my trip into becoming an interior designer did not go too well when it came to choosing a colour for the front door and the door to a little side studio. I choose a colour called "Passion Flower" and sure enough Mr Whizz Kid hated it with a passion to such an extent that I have been busy choosing a new (conservative) colour for him to approve.

So ... what a surprise ... this is the new little table that he has bought for us to perch on in the front garden ... not that we are in the habit of sitting in the front garden but we do live in a little private gated road, right at the end of a cul-de-sac and my friends and I have been known to perch in the front garden and have the odd glass of wine while Mr Whizz Kid cleans the cars or fixes the blessed motorbike or uses his running machine, which is housed in the little studio/gym where all sorts of other healthy paraphanalia reside. (I really do try never to cross its threshold for fear of it scaring me into giving up wine!)

Pretty - isn't it? I guess now that I can put the repaint on hold while he tries to get used to it all and meanwhile you will find me perching on this little chair enjoying a glass of wine whenever the sun is shining and he is puffing away inside pretending to get fit (this before he eats a heavy dinner, has a huge pudding, enjoys a beer or two and later disappears into the kitchen for cheese and biscuits and chocolates for afters!)



  1. Maybe the purple is growing on him! That s.d.t bread looks seriously yummy, I don't have any cast iron pots though, would it work in anything else?

  2. Oh I believe the mind-control is finally starting to work!! That, or he's thinking of getting a side car for the bike!

  3. I'm definitely going to try this bread soon and to hell with the trousers that don't fit around the waist! You have to laugh at the purple garden furniture. I love it.

  4. The bread looks delicious ... it's on my list to try too. Love he purple perch set! I'm glad you posted about this ... yesterday, I was wondering what ever happened with the passion flower doors ... sounds like they might be growing on Mr. Whizz Kid. :-)

  5. Oooh, sun dried tomatoes and capers sound yummy! Looks like Mr W may be coming round...


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