Sunday, 25 March 2012

Last Chance Giveaway

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A Little Giveaway From Me To You

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Friday 16th March blog post.

Zara cushion cover

Today I went to the lovely Zara Home and saw some lovely stuff. I fell in love with this beautiful hand embroidered and machine embroidered cushion cover (among a zillion other things) and though this would be a perfect little gift for one of my virtual friends out there. It really inspired me to get out my needle and threads and have another go at some embroidery.

If you want to be inspired by this lovely little item - while resting your weary head on it - then please enter my Giveaway ...

1. Enter a comment after this item and tell me why you deserve this pretty thing.

2. Join me and let me know that you have done so.

3. Blog about this Giveaway and let me know that you have done so.

4. Have a glass of wine (or cup of tea) and drink to my health!

The cushion cover is 40cm x 40cm and comes without the pad. It will be accompanied by some lovely sewing threads and embroidery needles to inspire you to make another similar item. I shall be asking about its progress!

This giveaway will be chosen by random numbers on Sunday 25th March at 8pm and posted off on Monday 26th March. Do not forget to leave a contact email.

Good Luck.

1 comment:

  1. I have already joined, so can't do that.
    Don't really feel that I deserve this beautiful thing, but as I am hopeless at embroidery, I would enjoy looking at it.
    Happy to blog about it and also to drink to your health. :Probably with tea as I am off wine at the moment.


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