Saturday, 3 March 2012

Tapestry As Art

Introducing Kiki Smith

'Harmonies' by Kiki Smith
Gold, silver and Japanese leaf sculpture
On show Neuberger Museum Of Art

I found this wonderful work of sculpture recently and was later surprised to find that the artist was also known for her printing, her art, her jewelery and her tapestries. There is an exhibition of her work at present at The Neuberger Museum, New York  , which I feel would be very worth a visit.  Sadly I am too far away to go.

Earth, Underworld And Sky
Tapestry by Kiki Smith

These huge works - Earth, Underworld, and Sky - are amazing in their size and scope

'Earth' a detail

'Underworld' a detail

Kiki Smith

The artist and quote ...

“I have no real ability to do things, no inherent aptitude. So I have to use my weakness to my advantage.”
Kiki Smith, from “The Intuitionist” (New York Times)

I didn't quite understand her quote as she certainly seems to me to be talented beyond belief - and so very original - presumably she is just very modest..

Bird pin brooch in silver

Fish pin brooch in silver

I so loved this painting of the Little Red Riding Hood story

What an amazing woman, who seems to have abilities in all areas. I not only admire her work but think she looks amazing (especially her shock of silver hair).


  1. She looks like a very interesting artist, love that bird brooch

  2. Wow! Her work is impressive. Yes, she does look amazing. xx


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