Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch Picture Gift

A friend of mine (a relation by marriage) spent many hippy years  (no - not a typo!)  living in Chile. She lived on a mountain plateau, which looked down a valley to the river ... and in the valley were always sheep and mountain goats and fruit growing freely. If she looked upwards she could see the high mountains topped with snow.  She earned a living by running her own little craft shop for which she made all the stock. Today, now living in London, she continues the tradition of making all her own gifts. She paints, knits, prints, sews, and crochets beautifully and has done many cross stitch pictures depicting this rural Chilean landscape. This is one lovely picture that she has made for me ...

Sadly it has not photographed well as the reflection of the garden rather spoils it.

The picture depicts the sky, the birds, the snow topped mountains, the plateau, the oranges, the sheep, and the river.  Isn't it just wonderful?

 Thank you G. xx


  1. Who says those hippy days don't pay off!

  2. Certainly do Hadley. This is beautiful Annabelle. Does she have a blog or website? I love cross stitch but haven't done any in years...think I still have something 'on the go' somewhere :)

  3. what a lovely present ...I am sure you treasure it ..and her xx

  4. This is beautiful Annabelle! Thanks for sharing. xx

  5. 20 plus years ago we had 2 Chile students stay with is for a month as part of a school exchange (not enough pupil parents took up the offer) one of the boys gave Us a painting that was immediately bought to mind when I saw the tapestry! Thanks ir sharing


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