Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day


folk lore
Shining knight on a unicorn to do the housework
Mrs Mop for cleaning

What Did I Wish For Valentines Day?

Firstly, I wished to finish knitting the hat for Mr Whizz Kid ... and, yay  ... I did  it eventually  (at 9pm on 13th)!  I am so pleased with myself as I seldom knit, have never attempted a pattern for years, and I actually finished it in time despite the difficulties with my hands!  Here he is modelling it ... isn't he handsome?  (Sadly no unicorn just an impracticle car and a bloody motorbike)!


Proudly presenting ...

Very shy!

I also wanted ...


(via flickflickflicker)
Lots of love from everyone

Some chocolates
Some champagne
And some red Roses

Not too much for any girl to ask on this special day, I think ...

What Did I Get For Valentines Day?

Some lovely roses

These lovely containers from Paperchase for my new sewing room - they are so cute!  Thank you Mr Whizz Kid. xx   Must also add that he got the chocolates and other goodies as well as the hat!

Have a lovely day today.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you x
    So pleased Mr W-K got his hat!

  2. well done youxx When you have finished with ANY of the cleaning/housework fairies ....send them to me xx

  3. Congratulations on finishing the hat so quickly. It looks lovely. Happy Valentines Day.

  4. Still omantic after all these years! We'd have forgotten it was VDay if it wasn't for all the adverts and blog posts - but daughter-still-at-home gave us both a heart shaped box of chocs! . . And them himself went off to work in Wales until Thursday, sigh!


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