Monday, 6 February 2012

Lovely Gift

Early Birthday Present

Via themeparty

I was so excited yesterday by the beginnings of my new room that I forgot to mention a lovely present sent to me by my wonderful friend  Karen who is an excellent quilter. ... Thank You So Much xx   It arrived unexpectedly on Saturday for my birthday - something of a surprise as my birthday is not until April!  She is a talented crafter and had collected 'old granny style fabrics' and set them in a tumbling block design . Here are some pics - unfortunately not too good as yesterday I carelessly dropped my camera and the photos have been rather blurred and indistinct ever since. Oh well, must buy a new one for 'my birthday' ... maybe tomorrow? He he!

Amy Butler, Tanya Whelan, Joel Dewberry etc
A wealth of beautiful designer fabrics

The colours and design are simply stunning and it is just a perfect lap size for warming my 'granny' toes while I sit here and look out at the snow on this cold and frosty morning. We have had very little snow here in London but the rest of the country has had the usual problems. We have, however, had some very cold weather and it is lovely to be able to stay home in the warm and craft - so this is what I intend to do over the next few days.

Quick Tomato Breakfast Tart

My g/kids are vegetarian and often turn up unexpectedly for breakfast and this is the quickest solution I know to feeding the little fairy people in a hurry, The ingredients are simple and can always be found in the fridge - some Jusrol puff pastry, some pesto, an onion, some tomatoes and a lump of cheese. I often add eggs on the top just before the rest is cooked and when sprinkled with parsley this adds an extra dimension.

Simple ingredients
Line b/tray and prick the base
Five minutes in hot oven
Lightly cooked
Spread with pesto
Sprinkle with finely chopped onion
Add a layer of grated cheese
Cover with thinly sliced tomatoes
Add more grated cheese
Back in oven for ten minutes
Quick breakfast tart

Tastes good straight from the oven and goes really well with baked beans - yummy!

A Note

Sunflowers in Cahor by Ralph Stott

I forgot to credit the artist of this pastel in my blog yesterday. It was painted/drawn for me by the artist Ralph Stott and was done on location around Cahor during a wonderful sun-soaked holiday. I have been enjoying its bright cheerfulness ever since.

I also have another drawing by him entitled 'Whitstable', which can be seen below ...

It is a dark and dismal day and I told you that I had broken my camera. Sorry Ralph!


  1. Love the quilt! Happy early birthday x

  2. Oooh, a lovely quilt, and I love the art too, what a talent

  3. Your recipe for the Breakfast Tomato Tart sounds delicious, I hope to try it out over the next few days and think it would make a lovely quick lunch even if your'e not vegetarian.
    Wishing you a very Happy early birthday too.
    Warmest best wishes,


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