Friday, 10 February 2012

Scrappy Flowers

Quick Buttonhole Flowers Or Parcel Decorations ..

This first one is so easy and takes literally minutes to make.

Take a few scraps and cut them into lengths of between six and twelve inches long by approximately three inches wide. Sew them together along the long side to make a ribbon with right sides on the outside. (adjust the stitch length and tension to make the stitches as long and loose as possible).  I finished up with a 'ribbon' of about forty inches long by one and half inches wide. Oversew the short edgse with a zig zag stitch. Now pull the thread at intervals along the rough edge to 'gather' the fabric loosely. Wind the 'ribbon' until a flower like bundle appears. Stitch through the rough ends (I cut them with pinking shears) and sew a felt shape over the ends. Add a pin.


This flower is sewn in a different way - by laying roughly cut shapes on top of each other (edges are either rough or roughly oversewn) - pin a button in the middle and then it is used to decorate a tote.

This flower is decorating a purse and is merely a gathered rosette with a felt centre. I shall probably put some beads or buttons on it.


This was a dry run using some of my own 'fuglies' - tomorrow I will try them with some prettier fabrics and more time. I think they look better when not too regulated and organised - and maybe with some beads in the centre?

How is my knitting going, you ask ...

Well it is growing by the day but Valentines Day is still too near!


  1. thanks for the flowers i have been trying to make these and i just dont seem to have the knack :((((
    the hat is coming along though you will need to be in a knitting frenzy to get it done for tuesday !!

  2. All good - I can't hear you clickety-clacking!

  3. The flowers are lovely. I have push button tension on my machine and am too scared to adjust it though! Hadley makes lovely felt flower brooches too

  4. Lovely variety of flowers. I posted a little award to you over on my blog - I hope that is OK.


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