Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Waiting For The Post

Waiting ...

I won a giveaway back on 20th December and waited and waited for my prize. I almost got to mugging the postman saying "where is it" or frisking the pockets of parcelforce saying "give it to me - I know it is in your pocket".

Today, after I had totally given up any hope of ever receiving it along came this lovely package from Tina at  Sweetypie 50. The poor girl has been ill since before Christmas and had finally dragged herself to the post office. Thank you so much Tina, and do get really well soon.

A wonderful craft book - tonights bedtime read
An oh so pretty crazy journal
The exotic back view
A FQ Spooky Hollow by Kim Schaefer
A crazy postcard and cottons
A pincushion kit
Charm squares
An accordion album
Sequins and silks
Buttons, pins and a pretty felt heart

And all this so prettily wrapped and presented. I think now that I have all I need for my own journal cover - and it really must have sequins to please Tina!  I am so looking forward to reading the magazine, and starting my own journal, and I really, really like the heart pin. I think this was well worth the wait, don't you?

PS.  I must also add that I have NEVER won anything ever before. xx

Thank you so much Tina at Sweetypie 50. xxx


  1. how wonderful for you !!! what a good parcel to get after all this time :)))just in time for the new sewing room !! go on get busy and lets see what you make also happy reading !!

  2. Hooray for you Annabelle!! what lovely things you won too.

  3. exciting isnt it? Have fun with your winnings xx

  4. Wow thats an exciting give-away! Lucky you!


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