Saturday, 4 February 2012

New Sewing Space

Glimpse Of My New Sewing Space

Dancing with joy

Yes ... today I really am dancing with joy. We live in a small 100 year old cottage and until now my sewing space has been tiny, and crammed into a corner of a bedroom.

My old messy craft corner

Recently my husband has had a small dressing room, which he has gratiously given up to move to a larger room and ... yippee I now have room to spread out in my own sewing space.

The room is small but has a lovely view of evergreen trees and later in the year some gigantic oaks and is south facing and warm and sunny. It hs been painted in Farrow & Ball's "Smoked Trout" and carpeted in a lovely natural buff wool. And already is full of my crafty bits - luckily I still have a walk -in-cupboard for the overflow and it is still very much work in progress - but is now almost ready for some serious sewing.

Here are a few glimpses ... (unfortunately it is now dark so the pics are not too good) ...

As you can see I have two distinct sewing/crafting spaces, a TV,  radio,  phone,  computer and lots of boxes of fabric stash  (lower level of wall unit photo was too blurred to blog) ... so no need to ever come out of the room (sady we removed the bed as the room is already small!)

Yet Another Little House - Yawn!


  1. Oh your room looks lovely and cozy and the perfect place to be right now!
    Stop yawning at you pretty houses :)

  2. how wonderful to have a space of your own xx Have fun in there x

  3. Lovely Room! Ikea units? My sewing room is mostly ikea, actually my house is mostly ikea! How ave you brought up five children in a small house?

  4. Hi Benta, guess the house is pretty large by most standards (4 beds, 4 rec, detached with large garden, but the rooms are small as the house is so old). Room is the smallest - about 11 ft square - and entirely done out by Ikea, which Mr Whizz Kid hates and won't have anywhere else in the house!

  5. How wunderful!!!! I'm jealous of such a nice sewing room with everything at hand.

  6. Your sewing room looks wonderful and bright and well organised a crafters heaven. I hope that you enjoy many hours of fun creating lots of lovely goodies and can totally understand how you could never want to come out, LOL.
    I really don't know why you said yawn about the gorgeous little houses. I'd love to know where you got the pattern to make them, or are they more of you clever originals?
    Warmest best wishes,


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