Sunday, 26 February 2012

My Desk

A Glimpse Of My Blogging Space

The desk is painted' Platinum Pale' by Fired Earth.
The walls are painted' Ointment Pink' by Farrow and Ball.
The door leads to my utility room - stained panel by Mr Whizz Kid.
I am pretty well surrounded by plants and the garden is very green.
The cupboards hold my stationery.
The small basket holds lots of cards.
The larger basket is my in-tray - always overflowing.
Sidney Seagull came all the way from N.Z.
He was a Christmas present for Mr Whizz Kid from me.
He has a stripey fish in his mouth.
I love his pop-eyes.
He was made by the ceramicist  Ralph Hetzel.
My CDs, telephone, energy gauge and binoculars.
The antique brass lamp was inherited.
The world map has time zones - it is very useful.
**A note here for Hadley.
My files  -  (PUKE is for tax matters!)
SCRAP and PRAT for other unsavoury things!
The apple is my mouse mat.
On the desk is a parking ticket!!!

This is my new blogging space. I have nothing exciting finished to show you so thought I would give you a little glimpse into my world. I have been relegated out of the family room (apparently my desk is too big and I am too messy!)  and into a space in the conservatory, which adjoins the kitchen, the utility room, the family room and a studio. It has a great view of the garden and is near to the kettle for tea (always a plus in my book). My desk is pretty crowded and has a bit of everything on it but best of all it has a pretty new computer, a lovely old lamp, a telephone, some binoculars (used to check out all the  lovely birds in the garden), all my files and papers, and an energy gauge to tell me just how extravagant I am ... oh ... and a very comfy seat. Best of all Sidney watches over me to make sure I am not up to anything improper!

Most of my blogging takes place here except early morning and late night when I use a laptop in bed.
Do show me your space - it would be lovely to see where all your emails and blogs come from.


  1. Oh so funny - my eye was drawn to that file in the first picture! x

  2. Looks lovely and bright, and I do love the file names ;o)

  3. What a nice blogging space! Thank you for sharing that with us Annabelle. I love the fact that it has a view of the garden. Also, whimsical, Sidney who watches over you is just too cute. xx

  4. You have a great blogging space, I mail from a laptop in the livingroom. Nice Sunday Tiny

  5. A super desk, and i loved the labels even before you told us what they were for!

  6. What a wonderful space. Annabellouise

  7. I can't possibly show you my blogging space Annabelle because it's unbelievably messy with router wires etc., and also Bella my cat perching on my modem because it's warm!

    Thanks so much for your replies on my blog re sampler. I appreciate your interest because comments generally are thin on the ground, in fact sometimes I despair as I get the same traffic whether I post or not!


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