Friday, 24 February 2012


Simple Crochet

One of my favourite books
A new one to drool over
bulldogs crochet frog hats
Via cutentiny
Via vegetarianknitter
Via thewoolshack

I love these books by Lesley Stanfield and in fact have bought the first one at least seven times for friends. The knit and crochet flowers are easy even for a beginner and I just love to make these tiny things and attach them to parcels and clothing and presents. I intend to have just as much fun with the second so to all you out there watch out for my beasties!  Meanwhile here are a few pics to inspire you to give it a go.

These are the very simplest ones and only take a few minutes with odd scraps of wool.

Also must add that I was very amused to see this photo of Bjork - I always think she looks totally weird!


And if you want to be totally inspired take a look at  Attic 24  - click on my sidebar.


  1. love the pictures esp the animals in their hats!! Have funx

  2. You are such an inspiration! You have me considering learning how to crochet flowers! :-)

  3. Pretty crocheted flowers. I have made a few but I'm not very good, my daughter wanted me to teach her while she was visiting from SA but she is left handed and its so much easier for her to go to you tube for a clip to teach her. I love attic24, the colours she uses are great

  4. Oh that book you sent me is on the shelf calling to me again after the hash-up I made when I tried before - Crochet is going on my Must Learn to-do list!

  5. All great finger tip therapy! Have fun with the beasties!

  6. i have been looking at both the books on amazon i have not done crochet for years but a friend wants to learn to so i have sent for some hooks and am looking for inspiration !!


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