Monday, 27 February 2012

Monday Morning Fix

Some Lovely Flower Art

I came across some lovely paintings  by the American artist  Lulie Wallace .  On checking out her website I found that I loved her work  -  do take a look.

'Flowers For Roberta'
'Flowers For Sophie'

'Flowers For Annabel'

And, of course, this was my favourite - I wonder why?

'Flowers For Abigail'

And while on the topic of flowers I thought I might show you one of my favourite flower paintings by  Charles Renee Mackintosh  (1868-1928).  He was a famous Scottish artist and architect and this painting is of 'Petunia Walberswick' and was painted in 1914.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh
'Petunia Walberswick'
Charles Renee Mackintosh

It was drawn/painted between 1914 - 1915 around his home in Kent and Sussex (although he came originally from Glasgow). He painted over 100 typically English flowers and over 40 paintings still survive. They are known as the Walberswick Collection and have a very Japanese influence and are quite unlike any of his other Art Nouveau works. This is a typically British flower and can be found all over the UK.  I just love its wild deep colours. This pencil and watercolour drawing is especially for Bethany. xx 


This week I have lots of unfinished business to deal with - choose which of my little row of wonky houses will go winging its way to my swap partner - then actually pack and send it off being the most important as Thursday is the deadline. This morning is my knitting class and I should have finished my 'fairisle' socks, which unfortunately I have not and also I am half way through a small sewing gift - just for me!

Luckily Mr Whizz Kid is again away saving the world so I shall have plenty of time over the next few days to spend in my lovely new sewing room. Have a lovely day to all my virtual friends and followers.


  1. These are gorgeous. Makes one want to get the watercolours out.

  2. Oh wow, I knew about CRM's Art Nouveau stuff (you can hardly move around the city without hitting it!) but hadn't realised he'd done more realistic work too, thanks for sharing :o)

  3. Hope you've been having fun settling into your room - the CRM is really lovely x

  4. They are all beautiful. "Petunia Walsberswick" was my immediate favorite ... it jumped right out. Thank you for including that one for me Annabelle. I've been talking about getting my watercolors out for quite some time ... this just inspired me to do that. Wow! You have a lot of unfinished business to take care of. You're going to be a busy lady! Hope you have fun in your new sewing room for the next few days. :-)


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