Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Knitting Group

Knit And Natter Group
'Fairisle' Socks

I have pinched the title of this post from  Benta  (thank you :) The knitting group has been a success for me as not only has it given me good therapy for my hands, it has also let me meet a lovely group of people. I am making some 'fairisle' socks - that is with the lovely Crofter wool that I used for the hat in a previous post. This time I have gone all 'pinkish' ... why do I so love pink? I got very stuck with the sock pattern and had to wait until I got some expert advice to continue ... meanwhile I worked on the second sock. Now all has been explained (I am a fool - you cannot imagine just how long I lay in bed trying to puzzle out just what the pattern actually meant - and it was obvious once it was explained)!

This was the progress on the first sock before I got stuck and did not know how to proceed - the dividing instructions for the heel really confused me.

This was the progress on the second sock up until this morning. Now I understand what I should be doing I am hoping to complete this pair by the meeting next week.  Last week a hat, this week socks, maybe next week a cover for the new olympic dome?

Some of the other ladies are making much more complicated stuff, which is really useful as they are experts and can help me along.

A fiery red haired beauty is making this shawl - the colours will go beautifully with her hair - it has grown enormously since last week.

The pattern starts from the pointed end (it is 'V' shaped) and grows and is now on a long circular needle  -  it must take forever to do a row.

This is the second sleeve of a jumper with a very complicated pattern. The lovely lady finished the first last week.

This jumper for a child is knitted from the neck down in 'odds and ends'. Remember this lady made a similar one last week?  She certainly has lots of 'odds and ends' and lots of children to clothe!

I loved this rich coral pink coloured jumper, which was not too different a colour from my own Marks  and Spencer jumper and socks of the day.

Wow! This very clever lady just finished a sleeve in this very difficult design.  I love the blue.

Here is more of that lovely Sirdar Crofter Double Knit, only this time in a more interesting colour ... and this is how it knits up into a child's top  ...

Isn't it lovely? As you can see none of the group wish to have their faces on the net but all were very happy to share their work. Once again I did not yet feel able to take photos of everything - maybe when I get to know them better they will be more approachable. The group of about 20/30 range in ages of between 20s and their 70s - and 'no' I am at neither end of this range!


  1. love the socks ,makes me wish i could knit better !!

  2. you have some clever ladies there! My mum decided last year she would knit some socks ... she is 80, knitted most of her life BUT never socks! We were entertained and at some points HYSTERICAL with her efforts xx My daughter was the recipient of the #1.small #2. large socks lolxx hope you have more luck xx

  3. Lovely knitting. Are you using 3 needles for the socks? That's what has always put me off making them. I have never worked with three needles before and knitted in a tube. I love the wool!

  4. You are very welcome to pinch stuff from me!! I am very impressed with all the knitting loveliness, and so glad that your fingers are coping well with knitting!


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