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Saltburn On Sea
Knitted Pier Decoration

Saltburn Pier
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Saltburn on Sea in North Yorkshire, has a pier, which is well used by the local population for breezy walks. Last week they awoke to a huge surprise: overnight someone had decorated the whole fifty metre handrails with knitted decorations for the Olympics! The 'scarf' is truly a work of art depicting all the Olympic sporting events and characters who will take part - even more intriguing is the fact that the whole fifty metre long display had been sewn to the handrail. The 'Yarnbomber' is unknown but their glorious work has been much admired.

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Synchronised swimmers

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The cycling Veledrome

This is not the first time that the mystery knitter has decorated the town. Recently a pile of knitted buns appeared outside a local cake-shop; a set of darned books outside the library ("The Secret Cardigan" and "A Ripping Yarn"); and most amusingly a family of bears eating sandwiches on a picnic table along the Promenade.

The teddy bears's picnic

There is speculation that much of the work has been done by a knitting circle due to the huge amount of knitting involved - and if just one mystery knitter then they are truly a genius!

Yarnbombing - The Book
"The Art Of Crochet And Knit Grafitti"
Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain

Yarn Bombing

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In this book they describe the way of street art 'grafitti' and explain how their mission is to change the world - one knitted or crochet project after another. The book collects interviews with street artists and includes patterns and suggestions for your own subversive work - to be left in a prominent space for all to enjoy.

yarnbomb tree
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Crochet bull in Wall Street N.Y.
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Sadly I have no personal photos to add to this post and all credits for photos are notated.


  1. Love the synchronised swimmers! Saw this on the One Show last night - not sure I am up to it yet with my crochet - would look just like a cat had run away with a ball of wool!

  2. Hysterical! I've also seen a photo of a mini totally yarn bombed too

  3. This is brilliant....saw it on the One Show!

  4. Did you see the One Show? One of the presenters met a group and went and yarn bombed a bandstand somewhere, it was great!


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