Friday, 9 March 2012

Quilt Shop

Local Quilt Shop In Hampton Court

I thought you might like to take a look at the local quilt shop. It is about one mile from my home - I could actually walk there (but today I went by car) - and is surrounded by little gift shops and cafes and restaurants. There are also a few 'antique' or 'junk' shops round about, and the station and Hampton Court Palace are both within a five minute walk.

The shop is called  'Creative Quilting'  and stocks a variety of goods. Although I have taken many photos I did not manage to film the main part of the fabric shop as it was full of customers and staff. I think I shall just let the photos do the talking ...

Does this entice you to pay this part of Surrey a visit? If so, email me and we can meet up for a coffee and some serious craft shopping!


  1. That's a great local shop; mine just sells polyester!

  2. OOH! I could spend a lot of time....and money in there xx

  3. we do not have one around here :((( nearest is glasgow or edinburgh !
    it looks fab lucky you :)))

  4. Heh, I used to be there once a year to umpire in the summer, but I gave that up last year, so alas no excuse now...

  5. I used to work near there (about 30 years ago!!) sadly I wasn't interested in sewing then, and I don't suppose they were there! I drive through HC once or twice a year but have never stopped, but a coffee sounds a great idea, especially with craft shopping thrown in too!! Maybe one day over the Easter hols? (just 3 weeks now!!!)

  6. What a great shop... lucky you to have it on your doorstep.


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