Sunday, 4 March 2012

Paint Colours

Front Door With A Flourish

We have been looking for a new colour for the front door and the door to a small studio. It has been Farrow and Ball  'Cooking Apple Green' for a while - but is a bit wishy/washy I think. There are so many interesting colours about that it has taken a lot of thought.

'Cooking Apple Green'

The green is a very trendy colour at present but we need a change - something a bit more dynamic perhaps? And then I saw this and was wowed ! (Sadly Mr Whizz Kid was away so he had no say).

10RR 18/350
'Passion Flower' by Dulux

It reminded me of all those bright and zingy flowers in the garden that I so love  ...

Via Wikipedia
Passion flower
Passion flower
Passion flower
Passion flower

We always have plenty of passion flowers in the garden - they are cheap to buy and grow rapidly with very little help. I love the deep hues and this paint colour will make a cheerful statement - (Mr Whizz Kid thinks it is to be grey as the undercoat yesterday was grey - what a shock for him when he gets home today - he prefers pale and neutral)!

Passion Flowers

And finally this was my major inspiration - some stunning screen printed fabric by Kerrie McNeil at The Time And Space Gallery   in Bath. So a little boldness crept into my choice ...

Front door finally finished in 'Passion Flower' by Dulux
Studio door with stained panel by Mr Whizz Kid

And this is my view when looking out of the front door ... a huge Magnolia tree, (Grandiflora), which has huge creamy flowers throughout most of the year - they only last a short while but smell quite delicious. The leaves are always a rich dark evergreen - makes me feel like 'country in the city' all year round.

I so love the Magnolia

Well Mr Whizz Kid came home, saw the doors and  ABSOLUTELY HATED THEM !!!

 Charles Rennie Mackintosh
“Butterfly Flower Bowling”
Another lovely from Charles Renee Mackintosh
Butterfly Flower, Bowling 1912

How could he not like this amazing colour with all its connotations of beautiful flowers?

Repaint - maybe?


Little House Swap Finally Over Phew!

Finally a big thank you to my swap partner Theresa in Portugal who sent me the prettiest little house swap, which I received this morning ...

Cute little robin and window with flowers
Creamy house with spotted chimney

Her sewing skills are obviously a lot better than mine and I love the little red robin. Thank you xx


  1. Door colour very stylish. Pity Mr Whiz Kid doesn't like it.

  2. well ... I like the colour of your door xx

  3. I like the passion flower front door ... love the pop of color! Maybe it will grow on Mr. Whizz Kid. The passion flower pics are so pretty. I've tried to grow them, but I think the heat is too brutal for them here.

  4. What a shame he didn't like the colour, have you reached a compromise?

  5. Lol, oops! What colours next then?

  6. The door is fantastic!
    Tell Mr W-K that he won't notice it on the way out, and coming home, he should be so excited get through it to see you, he shouldn't notice the colour anyway!


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