Thursday, 29 July 2010

What Do Women Really Want?


An American psychologist, Paco Underhill, founder and Managing Director of  Envirosell Inc, a New York based research consultancy, has been examining the question 

'What Do Women Really Want?' 

This, his third book, comes to surprising conclusions. His top three conclusions, after a life time of study,  are -

Cleanliness, Control, and Safety. 

He believes that these three attributes can be linked to every area of life and not just to shopping psychology, which is his major interest.  It got me to thinking what three things in life were really important to me ... that is,

"What Does This Woman Really Want?" 

Here is my wish list:-

A comfortable, happy home and healthy family.
Kind and thoughtful friends and relations.
The opportunity for us all to realize our dreams - whatever they may be.

None of the above seemed to fit in with the results of Paco Underhill's research - but then he is an unmarried man with no wife or family, so what would he know about women's real desires!

What three things in life are really important to you?

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