Monday, 5 July 2010

Home-Made Yogurt & Raspberry Verrines

I came across verrines recently in France. Basically they are small desserts to be eaten at any time of day - just a small mouthful of goodies, which should not leave a guilty feeling even when on a diet. These are in small shot glasses and comprise of raspberry coulis in the bottom layer, vanilla yogurt in the centre, raspberry yogurt on the top and topped off with a raspberry. They can be made with anything that you have handy and can be either sweet or savoury.

The yogurt is home-made and very easy:

Any amount of milk (I use a litre)
Tablespoon of milk powder
One small organic 'live' yogurt


Warm milk until skin forms and edges bubble gently

Remove from heat and cool until hand heat
Add milk powder and stir gently
Add 'live' yogurt and again stir gently
Pour into cool container and stand in warm spot for four to six hours or overnight
(I stand on a trivet at the back of the Aga, but an airing cupboard is just as good)
Cool in fridge for one or two hours
Fresh fruit can be added at this point

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