Monday, 5 July 2010

National Quilt Championships - Sandown 2010

A lovely piece by Stephanie Parker from Cornwall. A truly stunning work of art!
Rightly deserving the rosette (not sure of the title or which rosette it was awarded - sorry).

Herd Mentality.
By Ferret at Ferret Fabrications.
Awarded First Place in Computer Aided Design.

I recently visited The National Quilt Championships at Sandown Park, UK. It was a lovely event and I came away realizing that I am a real beginner who has a long way to go. The two quilts above really shone out as inspirational.

The first by Stephanie Parker of Cornwall was a huge wall hanging with eyes that seemed to follow you around the room. I just loved the composition and the colourings.

The second, the herd of cows, was huge and a tremendous work of art by long arm quilter and artist Ferret at Ferret Fabrications.

Do look at her site and be inspired. These two quilts, in particular, really made me re-assess -


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