Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Underground Restaurant

There is an exciting movement in England for underground restaurants, or supperclubs. These small dining rooms are set up by foodies in their own homes and are advertised to a select few who then book for a particular date after seeing the menu. There is a small charge for the meal - it is rarely profit making and the charge just covers the cost of the ingredients and the drinks. It is only on the day of the dinner that the address is given although a general area of London is established at the outset, eg., 'Kilburn'. This subterfuge is to keep from the authorities the addresses that they take place, as they are generally illegal - having no license to produce food or alcohol.

I love this idea after a lifetime of cooking for up to ten and now usually the table hosts only four to six a day. I find cooking in smaller quantities quite difficult and just love it when I have ten again for dinner. I am not a particularly good cook yet really enjoy the challenge. Hence I am contemplating joining the movement ... I just need a bit of encouragement and the fairies to come in and clean up my house! Meanwhile I have decided to partake of a few of these dinners myself, which may well make me realize that I am really not up to this particular challenge. I am sure that I shall enjoy the food anyway.

This Weeks Food Porn.

The best (and first) of these underground restaurants was set up by the elusive 'Ms Marmite Lover' and she appears to be an amazing host - and an amazing character. Here is an unusual event held in her own home, with amazing scenes ... it looks such fun and I just so want to be at the next one! See here:

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