Monday, 5 July 2010

Quilted Parcel Tags

I came across this wonderful idea for making present tags using scraps of fabric. This is my first attempt so not particularly wonderful but I shall persevere and perhaps make the tags on a white background and try to match personality or present to the design. This is how I made them:-

1. Find a scrap of fabric for the background an inch wider and longer than the tag. 2. With tiny pieces build up a design and and attach it to the backing fabric. 3. Quilt through the fabric pieces either by hand or machine until pleased with the design. 4. With an adhesive iron-on behind the designed and quilted fabric attach it centrally to the tag. 5. Cut the edges of the fabric in line with the tag. 6. Overstitch the outer edges. You can now write your message on the plain back.


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