Friday, 30 July 2010

My Favourite Kitchen Shop - Kitchen Sync

My Favorite Kitchen Shop

Lovely Staff
Colourful Kitchen Wares
Perfect Pots
My Favourite Pottery
And So Much More!

Kitchen Sync in Teddington, Surrey, UK.,  is my most favourite kitchen-ware shop. The place is colourful and inviting and the staff are all truly lovely. I cannot pass the place with my purse intact ... today it was a mandolin ... I have wanted one for ages but always felt it was an extravagance (what is wrong with a knife?) ... but today could not resist a glossy red one. And this lovely pink beauty ... is on my birthday wish list ...!

This Belongs In My Kitchen!


  1. Your meals look wonderful, shame we can't catch the aromas on t'internet.. ha ha ha
    Your favourite pottery... I was at the factory shop yesterday, Emma Bridgewater... they are looking for a new cook, I guess it is a little bit too far for you to travel every day?

  2. Hi Angie, Love to come and visit Bridgewater (and you?) ... talking about it yesterday - about 2 hours by train, I believe. Tell them to hold the cooks job!


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